Hollywood needs to end the discrimination

Attn: Yellow face is a bad look, Hollywood.

Come on, casting is easy. It’s a matter of filling in a role with the right actor/actress, and I’m sorry but hiring an anglo saxon actor to play a Japanese or Chinese etc. character is not the right decision to make as a Casting Agent. It actually makes everyone’s job a whole lot harder. Just think about it, the actor/actress would need to get into the role which may involve learning about the culture they are playing, also what if the character requires an accent? Then you need to pay for a dialect coach when it’s always more authentic when it comes from an actor that already has an accent naturally (tell me which non Australian actor pulls off the Aussie accent?). Plus, all that make up and prosthetics to transform someone’s facial features for a role is ridiculous and they look ridiculous. It’s just not needed, and a waist of time and money especially when you know there are many great actors and actresses that can fill these roles in, and quite frankly do a better job at interpreting a role, especially when the roll requires the talent to understand that particular race or culture.
Finally and most importantly it’s wrong, it’s discriminative just like black-facing is wrong yellow-facing is also incredibly wrong, and yes this goes for all races and cultures. Yes it’s that simple and I won’t be watching any of these films.

Commentary by Natalia Figueroa

Lupita’s powerful speech

Lupita Nyong’o’s speech on Black Beauty Essence Black Women

Powerful words by Lupita a must watch for all. This is why diversity of race, class, culture, gender, sexuality, built, ability with a variety of opinions and stories are so important on mainstream media, your audience need to feel represented through your storytelling in whichever form that is whether it be documentary, image, film, radio, tv drama or comedy, news or news panel, advertisement etc.

Don’t make another person feel unconnected, distant, alone. Let every single person know diversity of stories exist.
We are not all straight able middle class slim white males or females.

Commentary by Natalia Figueroa

In Me by Natalia Figueroa #poem

In Me

Sometimes I push buttons for change

A bittersweet craving

Because there’s a gypsy strumming

The chords of my heart

Other times I run

And hide from the future

Just to stay a little longer

With you

Sometimes I smile blankly

A distant magical laughter

Because there’s a painter splashing

Colour in my life

Other times I wait

And hear the clock tick

Just to resuscitate the dead

In me

Sometimes I pretend to sleep

A restless rest

Because there’s a musician drumming

An echo into my ear

Other times I hum

And enjoy the vibrations of my voice

Just to awaken

My psyche

Sometimes I long for your touch

An inappropriate thought

Because there’s a chef stirring

A warm cup of your chocolate kisses

Other times I lie

And feel guilty immediately

Just to see if I can fool you

With my charm

Sometimes I linger at the sounds of words

Its repetition equals transformation

Because there’s a psychologist questioning

My every desire and doubt

Other times I stand still

And feel my blood travel

Just to appreciate my body

Working perfectly

Sometimes I float to the lullaby of life

Calm and carefree

Because there’s a guardian parenting

My inner child with whispers

Other times I wait

And listen very carefully

Just to see if you’ve followed

My clues

Scar by Natalia Figueroa #poem





Snip a scar upon my skin

Mark a moment in my mind

Bring forth what was left behind




Puncture the purity out of my poise

Leave me upon this land

Harbouring the honesty of your hand




Batter my blistered body

Whip my wailing whys

Gather your things and say goodbye

Adult Lullaby by Natalia Figueroa #poem

Adult Lullaby

Your voice discovers hairs on my body that I did not know I had
It’s an electricity that swims through and alerts all my senses
You bring harmony to my identity
Peace to my being
You are my adult lullaby
Now sing your song and lull me to sleep
To a cloud of white bed sheets and a pillow of dreams

Hourglass by Natalia Figueroa #poem


Sand grain by sand grain
Time falls into a mountain of granular moments
And memories
And second chances
Brought by a new awakening
But if you pay attention
Listen closely
To time passing
You hear its beautiful rhythm
No matter how hard the moment
Beauty coexists alongside us all